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Valiant – Sweepstakes (Official Video)

Dancehhall Artist Valaint Release his Music Video for his new Single call Sweepstakes

Song is Produced by El Chopanuir Records

The Song has a very sweet HiP Hop R&B Flavor to the the beat

Also Check out the Producer of the Song El Chopanuir Records Biography

Introducing Raheem King, the visionary force behind the emerging record label
that’s already making waves in the music industry. With a passion for
innovation and a deep love for music, Raheem is redefining what it means to
be a music entrepreneur.
Born and raised in Clarendon, Raheem cultivated an early fascination with the
world of melodies and rhythms. his love for music is what started his journey,
but it was his keen business acumen that set him on a unique path. With
unwavering dedication, Raheem transformed his passion into a record label
known as EL Chopanuir records.
El chopanuir records may be new to the scene, but it’s already making a
resounding impact. The label’s debut release, “Irrompible,” has captured the
hearts of music enthusiasts. This infectious rhythm, backed by an array of
talented artists, such as Chronic Law, Kraff, Rytikal, Rajah Wild (to name a few)
has marked the beginning of El chopanuir records promising journey.
Behind El Chopanuir recods’s success lies Raheems relentless commitment to
nurturing talent and promoting diversity within the music industry. With a
focus on the genre-defying “Irrompible” rhythm, Raheem is on a mission to
discover and showcase artists who are breaking boundaries and exploring new
horizons in music.
Raheem envisions El chopanuir as a hub of creativity and innovation, where
artists are encouraged to express themselves freely. Their dedication to
fostering a collaborative and supportive environment is at the core of el
chopanuir record ethos.
As Raheem and El chopanuir records continue their journey, they are poised to
release an impressive catalog of 15 songs, all inspired by the irresistible
“Irrompible” rhythm. These upcoming tracks promise to be a testament to el
chopanuir record’s unwavering belief in the power of music to unite and
In a world where the music industry is ever evolving, Raheem stands as a
beacon of creativity and resilience. With a single song that has already left an

indelible mark and a vision that knows no bounds, Raheem and EL chopanuir
record are set to make history in the world of music. Stay tuned, because the
first rhythm of El chopanuir record is truly “Irrompible” – unbreakable,
unstoppable, and undeniably captivating.

Check out the Official Video from the Link Below

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