Online Music Promotion

Online Music Promotion

DJEASY is specialized in online Dancehall,Reggae,Soca,Bouyon and Zouk music promotion through our various social networks and online media. Our Djeasy YouTube channels is rapidly becoming one of the most popular platforms for fans from all over the world to discover the latest and best dancehall,Reggae,Soca,Afrobeat and Zouk music!

Some details about our promotional networks:

Djeasypromo: +1,000,000 dancehall,Reggae ,Bouyon & Zouk Fans

Facebook: +10,000 dancehall,Reggae ,Bouyon & Zouk Fans

Twitter: +3500 dancehall,Reggae ,Bouyon & Zouk Followers

Soundcloud: +35,000 dancehall,Reggae ,Bouyon & Zouk Followers

Your music will be posted on multiple Facebook pages,gruops and can potentially reach 100.000’s of dancehall,Reggae ,Bouyon & Zouk Fans all over the world!

Make sure you email us the song (or video) and the details of the song or video (iTunes link, label, producer, artiste, title, Twitter handles etc) that you would like us to promote, before and after you have paid for a promotional package to this email

YouTube Promotion Options

Soundcloud Promotion Options

All Soundcloud uploads will be submitted to 50+ Reggae,Dancehall,Soca & Bouyon related groups for extra exposure