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100% Reggae Lovers Rock (Best of the 90s) Beres,Sanchez,Freddie McGregory,Wayne Wonder,Mikey Spice +

100% Reggae Lovers Rock (Best of the 90s) Beres,Sanchez,Freddie McGregory,Wayne Wonder,Mikey Spice +

The best of Reggae Lovers Rock from the 90s ..from 1990 – 1999


Johnny Osbourne – Sexy Thing
Wayne Wonder – Baby You and I
Sanchez – I Care for You
Tony Curtis – Sweet Lady
Sanchez – Brown Eye Girl
Beres Hammond – Come Back Home
Garnett Silk – All The Woman I Need
Leroy Sibbles – Fat Girl
Pam Hall – Young Hearts Run Free
Lefty Banton – You Are My Lady
Glen Ricks – Fall in Love
Garnett Silk – Place in Your Heart
Beres Hammond – Tempted to Touch
Sanchez – I Can’t Wait
Frankie Paul – Giving You the Benefit
Cocoa Tea; Nadine Sutherland – It’s Now or Never
beres hammond – sweetness
Benjy Myaz – Love You Higher
Yami Bolo – Love My Woman
Sanchez – Unchained Melody
Wayne Wonder – Id Die Without You
Kashief Lindo – No Can Do
Beres Hammond – Double Trouble
Sanchez – Rearange My Life
Ambelique – For You
Freddy McGregor – Let Him Try
Beres Hammond – My Wish
wayne wonder – – saddest day
Tanya Mullings – A Love Thang
Half Pint – I Am Not a Substitute Lover
Sanchez – Don’t Worry
Foxy Brown – Baby Can I Hold You Tonight
Wayne Wonder – Fast Car
Wayne Wonder – Anything For You
Singing Melody – Someone to Hold
Cocoa Tea/Cutty Ranks – Waiting in Vain
Pam Hall – No Time to Lose
Kashief Lindo – The First Cut
Wayne Wade – I Love You Too Much
Sanchez – Missing You Now
Trevor Sparks – I’m Ready
Sanchez – For You
Frankie Paul – Come and Talk to Me
Hopeton Lindo – Silent Consent
Singing Melody – Shower Me With Your Love
Mikey Spice – Loving In Your Eyes
beres hammond – treat you right
Freddie McGregor – Take Time to Know Her
Marcia Griffiths – Closer to You
Glen Washington – Kindness for Weakness
Nadine Sutherland – I’m in Love
Frankie Paul – Tonight
Beres Hammond – Queen And Lady
Dawn Penn – You Don’t Love Me
Sanchez – Always Be True to You (Sanchez
Pam Hall – Truly
Sanchez – Back At One
Tony Curtis – Six Eight Twelve
Marcia Aitken – I’m Still In Love
Beres Hammond – Can’t Stop a Man
Singing Melody – Want You Back
Pam Hall – You Are Not Alone
Beres Hammond – Love From A Distance
Marcia Griffiths – Then Came You
Freddie McGregor – Stop Loving You
Dennis Brown – Friends for Life
Pam Hall – I Will Always Love You
Carol Gonazales – Personal Delivery
Beres Hammond – Left Me Crying
Peter Hunnigale – Believe In Love
Half Pint – Just Be Good
Beres Hammond – They Gonna Talk
Ghost – Believe
Terry Linen – My Love Is Your Love
Singing Melody – Let It Flow
Sanchez – I Believe I Can Fly
Beres Hammond – Over You
Donna Marie – Think Twice
Richie Stephens – Gave You My Heart
Nikesha – How Can I Live
Beres Hammond – Always Be There
Fiona – For You I Will
Pam Hall – Un-Break My Heart
Sixy Morris – Always In My Heart
Fiona – From This Moment on
Mickey Spice – Practice What You Preach
Richie Stephens – Should I

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