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Terry Ganzie – Whosoever
Buju Banton – Dickie
Beres Hammond – No More Pain
Cutty Ranks – Leave People Man
Macka B – People Can Dress
Peter Metro – X-Rated
General Degree – Money A Run
Tony Rebel – Guns & Amunition
Lemsky Don – Bad Boy
Terror Fabulous – No Retreat No Surrender
Spragga Benz – Jack It Up
Frisco Kid – Gal Yuh Nuh Hide
Jigsy King – Gal A Fuss
Major Bones – Work Your Body
General Degree – Granny
Papa San – Maddy Maddy Cry
dirtsman – hot this year
clement time – come a me
general t.k. – 100%
red fox feat. screechie dan – pose off
Shaggy – Mampie
General Degree – First Touch
pinchers – big chief
general degree – gun butt
papa san – run the route
Spragga Benz – Girls Hoorah
Supervisor – Roundness
General Degree – Dweet Sweet
10% – U Sue
Dirtsman – June Fish
Simpleton – Matey Can’t Test
Spragga Benz – W
Beenie Man – Wicked Ride
Buju Banton – Only Man
Terror Fabulous – Open The Door
Spragga Benz – Body Good
General Degree – Mr Tickle
Beenie Man – Certain Gal
Frisco Kid – Yvette
Daddy Screw – Buff Up Yu Chest
Beenie Man – Slam
Nadine Sutherland & Spragga Benz – Please Me
RBK – Arab Attack
Professor Nuts – Funny Guy
Daddy Screw – Model Pon Yu One Time Man
General Degree – Mr. Do It Nice
Action – Nadine Sutherland & Terror Fabulous
Live & Learn – Louie Culture & Wayne Wonder
buju banton – man a look you
Frisco Kid – Big Speech
spragga benz – things a gwaan
daddy screw and donovan – big things
Wayne Wonder & Don Youth – Loving Excess
louie culture – no gyal
Fabulous Terror – You Nuh Kotch
daddy screw and donovan steele – dapper
Fabulous Terror – Number 2
gary minott – no more
Michigan & Smiley – Stress
Bajja Jedd – Tickle Her Body
chippy ranks – tan so good
Jr. Tiger – Jr. Tiger – Glamorous
Buju Banton – Champion
terry ganzie – you alone
Buccaneer – Hey Girl
Sweet C – Natty Dread
Beenie Man – Music A De Beat
Spragga Benz – Moving Up The Line
General Degree – Body Guard
Terry Ganzie – Showdown
Wayne Wonder & Spragga Benz – Never Keeping Secrets
Frisco Kid – Matey Careless (1994) Fireside Riddim
Merciless – Body Good
Tanto Metro – Hot And Spicy
beenie man – settlement
Judas – Big And Tall
Mad Cobra – Shot No Talk
Baby Wayne – Mama
General Pecos – Body Work Shop
Sasha – Kill The Bitch
Powerman – Stone
Joseph Stepper – Wife
Simpleton – Coca Cola Shape
Singing Sweet – When I See You Smile
Cobra – Nah Fi Watch Mate
Shabba Ranks – Ting A Ling
Chevelle Franklin; Daddy Lizard – Wait Until Tonight
General B; Round Head; Ghost – Round Robin
Balloon – Lotto
Gringo – Trust
Buju Banton – Love How the Gal Dem Flex
Carol Gonzalez – Second Class
Redd Foxx – Bashment Party
Baby Cham – Gallong Yah Gal
Cobra – Gal Splurt
Frisco Kid – Gal Pon de Side
Wayne Wonder – Searching Dem Searching
Spragga Benz – We Nuh Like
General Degree – Stand by
Frisco Kid – Sergeant Wallace
Goofy – Lef we turf
Beenie Man – Hypocrite
Bounty Killer – Eagle and the hawk
Baby Cham – Bun Batty Bwoy (Raw)
Baby Cham – Slurp
General Degree – Pee Pee Cluck Cluck
Twiggy & Buju Banton – Want It
Terry Ganzie – King Of Kings
Buccaneer – Chatty Chatty Mouth
Bounty Killer – Caught up in the west
Beenie Man – Where Have All
Shabba Ranks – God Bless
Buccaneer – Yu Nuh Care
Mad Cobra – Dun Wife
Fabby Dolly – Peanut Punch
Simpleton – 1/4 To 12
Captain Barkey – Anti-Christ
Mr. Vegas – Hand In The Air [Nike Air]
Don Yute – Living In A Dream
Mad Cobra – Pet & Pamper
Spragga Benz – Strong Performer
Beenie Man – Who Am I
Sean Paul – Infiltrate
Merciless – Work Dem
General B – Scream
Kid Kurrupt – Trendsetter
Cutty Ranks – Grizzle
Cocoa Tea – Sonia Come Back
Shabba Ranks – Caan Dun
Spragga Benz & Wayne Wonder – Dedicated (You Go Girl)
Terror Fabulous – Girls Dem Motto
Louie Culture – Weapon & Tool
Because You Love Me – Ghost
Romie – Beenie Man
Gal A Call – Powerman
Girls Dem Sugar – Beenie Man
Middle Of The Night – Beenie Man & Tanto Metro
mad cobra – hotness
Terror Fabulous – Pop Style
bounty killer – gal say yes
daddy screw – loverman
major mackerel – miss getty getty
galaxy p – fat sexy and round
Jigsy King – Mad Dem
terry ganzie – vengance
Beenie Man – Dengue Fever
Bounty Killer – Suspence
Beenie Man – Memories
Bounty Killer – Ask Fi War
Ricky General – Just Another Day
Don Youth – Click Click
Madd Cobra – A Gal Ah Chat
Daddy Screw – Open Yu Leg
General Degree – When You Want Me
Ricky Generel – Sketel Bomb
Baby Cham – The Mass
Alley Cat – Hot Gyal
General Degree – Daddy Teddy
Spragga Benz – Girl Watcher
Rude Boy Kelly – Girls Anthem
Wayne Wonder & Frisco Kid – Dream Land
Beenie Man – Old Dog
Merciless – Gizzada
Captian Barkey – Go Go Wine
Gringo – Me A Man
Captian Barkey – Funny Man
Wayne Wonder – The Best
Spragga Benz – Dolly House
Richie Stephens – Bull In A Pen
Lady Saw – Woman Wi Name
Baby Cham – Break Up And Make Up
Bounty Killer – Worthless Bwoy
baby cham – Many Many
Taxi Gang – Santa Barbara
fragga ranks – thanks and praises-rks
Mackie Ranks – We A Soldier
daddy woody – bangara-rks
Pliers – Bam Bam
Skullman – Je Taime
Nardo Ranks – Them A Bleach
Chaka Demus & Pliers – Murder She Wrote
Worl-A-Girl – Murder He Wrote
Daddy Blue – Want A Gal
Delroy Wilson – My Girl
W.O.W. – Spell
Ricky General – Pressure Them
Carl & Michigan – Gal Yu Fat
Pan Head – Punny Printer
Admiral Bailey – Woman You Sweet
Pennie Irie – Hotness
Daddy Lizard – Ban In A Yard
Shaggy Wonder – Iron Pipe
Cutty Ranks – A Who Seh Me Dun (Radio Mix)
Apache Scratchie – Me No Powder (Monutt Powder)
Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb
General Levy – Champagne Body
Gospel Fish – From You Look Good
Daddy Woody – Priceless Body
Little Meeky & Daddy Meeky – Love Her Again
Mackie Ranks – Cute Face
General Pecos – Attractiveness
Jack Radics – Sexy Thing
Poison Chang – Gone Clear
Dollar Fifty – The Key
Nerious Joseph-T Saw – My Girl
Louchie Lou-Michie One – Rich Girl
Bunny General – Full Up Class
Buju Banton – Big It Up
Maxi Preist Ft. Terro Fabulous – Dreaming
Capleton – Good Loving
Capleton – Every Body Need Somebody
Louie Culture – Stand Tall
Tumpa Lion – One Auntie Lou Lou
General B – Can’t Stop Me
buju banton – Bogle Riddim – Bogle
Terror Fabulous – Mr. Big Man
Daddy Screw – Good Like Gold
Buju Banton – Batty Rider
Terror Fabulous – Dorothy
Terry Ganzie – Treat The Woman Right
Mad Cobra – Mate A Rebel
Capleton – Prophet
Buju Banton – Gun Pipe
Mad Cobra – Twinkling Star
Terry Ganzie – Hardware & Lumber
Terror Fabulous – Satisfaction
Shelly Thunder – Lethal Weapon
Cutty Ranks – Disappear
Ninja Ford – Reverse
beenie man – Hey
little lenny – All Fruits Ripe
terror fabulous – delighted how she look
Daddy Screw – Gal Yu Look Good
Little Lenny – Bum Flick
chrome nine – yu man want yu
screechy dan – skin out
bajja jedd and screechy dan – big bills
fresh rose – pon u matie
terror fabulous – wedding ring
jack radics – brandy
shaggy and rayvon – big up
red fox – you a lead
General Degree – Papa Lover
Donovan Steele & Daddy Screw – Tell Him Gawn
Terror Fabulous – Mix Up Punch
Spragga Benz – Look A Gal Man
Shabba Ranks – Wuck Ah Man
Bounty Killer – No Argument
General B – Repeat & Report
Buccaneer – Hire Me
Terry Ganzie – Ragga Ragga
Tony Rebel – Stand As A Man
Beenie Man – Damsel Ship
Lady Saw – No Long Talking
Silver Cat – Ole House
General Degree – Yuh Nuh Love
Buccaneer – Guiltiness
Frisco Kid – Question Miself
Beenie Man – The Girl I See
Lady Saw – Ole Wukka
Mad Cobra – Certian Gal
spragga benz – car crash
terror fabulous – no ride
daddy screw donovan steele – kerry
frisco kid – wackie news
General Degree – Insect
daddy screw maxi priest – heart breaker-ras
Capleton – Make Hay
Muma C – Mi Son
Round Head – Nuh Depend Pon Man
Capleton – G.c. Tax
Papa San – Price Increase
Cutty Ranks – Eeh
Thriller U – Let’s Chill
Sanchez – Rose Marie
Capleton – Almshouse
Risto Benjie – Passport Buddy
Derick Irie – A nuh you shape
Major Bones – Ready body
General Degree – Something Funny
Reggie Stepper – Child Molesting
Grinds Man – Action Pack
General TK – Original Gun Ark
Wicker Man – Gun Smith
Gregory Peck – Poco Man Jam
Daddy Lilly – When Yu Si Wi Come
Flourgon – Tie Me Again
Sliver Fox & Jackie Chang – Bad Whud
johnny p – father crab
Shabba Ranks – Dem Bow
Spragga Benz – Dem Flap
Beenie Man – Modellor
Terry Ganzie – A Good Man She
Terror Fabulous – Good Hole
Don Youth – Pressure Them
Lt. Stitchie – Ooh La La
Beenie Man – Matie
Papa San – Lift Yu Up
General Degree – Hard Time
Red Dragon – Ku-Klung-Klung
Mega Banton – Proceed Gal
Admiral Bailey – Gal You Look Good
Same Old Plan_Snake Man
Red Dragon – Bad Mind
Shabba Ranks – Trailor Load a Girls
Super Cat – Nuff Man A Dead
Nicodemus – Ca Nyam Me Out
Super Cat – Old Veteran
Wayne Fire – Them No Bow
Barrington Levy And Jigsy King – Work
Trick uno – Black coolie
Nardo Ranks – Rum Shaker
General Degree – Love Lullabye
Papa San – Give Her The Credit
Mac Gray/Silver Cat – Loose Him Gal
Lukie D/Delly Ranks – In Control
Devonte – Di Flex
General B – Me Alone
Mega Banton – Stars
Little Kirk – Girls
Lady G – Feel Up
Richie Stephens – Dr. Fish
Ghost – Brain Food
Powerman – Serious Things
Beenie Man – Pure War
Tiger – When
Wickerman – Worm
Captain Barkey – Original Get & No Chat
Donna Riddim – Singing Sweet – Donna
Louie Culture – Tell Her Fi Move
roundhead – busy wey
Angie Angel – Want Di Agony
Buju Banton – Big Batty Gal
lady saw – hardcore
buccaneer – nuh response
snagga puss – tatie
general degree – chatty former
terry ganzie – police & thief
beenie man – bury yu dead
t.o.k – Eagle Cry
wayne wonder – Infromers
bounty Killer – Anytime
mr easy – Murder
Chico & Goofy – Nah Stoop
Baby Cham – Boom
Lady Saw – Oh Yeah
Mad Cobra – War
wayne wonder – Let your conscience set you free
Spragga Benz – Do It & Done
frisco kid – Forgotten
Bounty Killer – Can’t Believe
Beenie Man – Bookshelf
Tanya Stephens – From You Hot
Mr. Vegas – Jack It Up
Spragga Benz – Cute And Little And Tight
Tanto Metro & Devonte – Say Wooee
Sasha – Dat Sexy Body
General Degree – Crissy Dem A Who
Sean Paul – Deport Them
Lady Saw – No Matta Me
Frisco Kid & Mr. Easy – Bashment Time
Version – God Alone Riddim
Merciless – God Alone ft Little Hero
Little Hero – Seek God
Merciless – When The Almighty Come
Captain Barkey – Another One Gone
Action Fire – Compliments
Apachie Scrachy – Now The Woman A Bawl
Buju Banton – Rampage
Terri Ganzie – Lone Ranger
Frisco Kid – Video Light
Wayne Wonder – Is It a Test
Buju Banton – Deportees (Things Change)
Excellence – Louie Culture
Talk About – Louie Culture & Wayne Wonder
Beenie Man – Blessed
Silver Cat – Fowl Affair
Future Troubles – China Mi Live
Terry Ganzie – Rougher Than Them
General Degree – Only Master God
Mad Cobra – More Dem Talk
Beene Man – World Dance
Jigsy King/Tony Curtis – Real Thing
terror fabulous – call for peace
louie culture – ganga lee
Frankie Sly – Six Six Six
Merciless – Father Shall Appear
Jigsy King – Meeni Meeni
Squiddley Ranks & Merciless – Hair Style
Merciless – Shape
‪Frisco Kid – X Amount‬‏
Sad Sack – Whap Them
Spragga Benz – Machine Gun Kelly
Baby Cham – Goodas Girl
Frisco Kid – Little And Cute
Wayne Wonder – Sweet And Sour
Beenie Man – Teewie Weenie
General Degree – In and Out
Ghost; Round Head – Profile
Mega Plough – Debbie’s Cat
General B – No Taxi Fare
General B – Nicky
Ghost – I Wish You Were Here
Louie Culture – Don’t Get Weary
Stranger – Dugu Dugu
Beenie Man – New Suzuki
General Degree – Heavy Man
Baby Cham – More Wood
Wayne Wonder – Glamour Girl
Frisco Kid – Tink We Nice
Terror Fabulous – Position
Mad Cobra – Length and Bend
Jigsy King & Tony Curtis – Cock Up & Ride
Daddy Screw – Body Fresh
Bounty Killer – Mine the Girls Dem
spragga benz – jump up & swear
frisco kid – step up inna life
jigsy king & tony curtis – any man yuh want
don yute & spragga benz – gi wi di ‘nanny
Wayne Wonder – Keep Them Coming
Spragga Benz – Can’t Get No Gal
Lady Saw – Dial Tone
Beenie Man & Mr Easy – Haters And Fools
Bounty Killer – Look
Baby Cham – Ghetto Pledge
Frankie Sly – Haters Anthem
Bounty Killer & Baby Cham – Another Level
Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Louie Culture, Nadine Sutherland, Snow & Terror Fabulous – Anything For You
General Degree – Home Work
Lady Saw – Allegations
Hawkeye – Man Problem
Spragga Benz – Sexy & Fat
Don Yute – She Gone
Frankie Sly – The Clump
Alley Cat – Fresh Off The Block
Silver Cat – Get Smart
Mr. Easy & Baby Cham – Funny
Beenie Man – Silent Violence
Spragga Benz – Hunting
Wayne Wonder & Baby Cham – Joyride
Wayne Wonder – Bashment Girl
Frisco Kid – Rubbers
Lady Saw – Sycamore Tree
Tanya Stephens – Yuh Nuh Ready fi Dis Yet
Merciless – Mavis
Red Fox – Shake Rattle & Roll
Sylvia – Caution
grindsman – mate mad again
general t.k. – i spy
MAD COBRA – flex
red dragon – ghetto three step
jack radics – what difference a day makes
papa san – oh my darling
terry ganzie – rude boy no pose
Spragga Benz – Good Day
Terror Fabulous – Gun Fool
Buccaneer – Romeo
General Degree – Piaw Piaw
Wayne Wonder – Menace
Bounty Killer – Cellular Phone
Shabba Ranks – Shine & Criss
Mad Cobra – Find & Kill
Terry Ganzie – Wanted Outlaw
Terror Fabulous – Cool
Pinchers – Carpenter
Bounty Killer – Nuh Have No Heart
Sluggy Ranks – Ghetto Youth A Bust
Quench Aid – My Mama
Admiral Bailey – MI HOT AGAIN
Galaxy P – Dem Bawling Out
Buju Banton – Murderer
Fabulous Terror – Ganster’S Anthem
Ghetto Life – Daddy Screw
Bogus Badge – Louie Culture
Fragga Ranks & Mighty Diamond – Chalice In A Circle
Lt Stitchie – Bun It Dung
Sanchez – Brown eyes

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