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AbiYah Yisrael – EAT CLEAN LIVE CLEAN (Reggae)

AbiYah Yisrael – EAT CLEAN LIVE CLEAN (Reggae)

AbiYah Yisrael Promotes Clean Living and Healthy Eating in New Reggae Single
“Eat Clean Live Clean”

Silently as it’s kept, AbiYah Yisrael arguably is becoming one of the most relevant female artists in the new-generation of rising reggae talents. She continues to work hard to earn her place and title as she delivers more positive, spiritual and conscious lyrics that address sensitive and timeless issues.

“Eat Clean Live Clean”, her latest single, speaks to the issue of how we eat and live . AbiYah, who follows a Kosher diet, believes that there are certain foods which contaminate the body thus causing a spiritual block or what she describes as calcification of the Pineal gland. She believes that this gland is the seat of the soul through which the creator provides a way to the spiritual realm. Through eating unclean foods like “pork”, “blood puddings” and “shellfish” in addition to indulging in pagan, religious practices, AbiYah says that “the gland or the eye becomes blocked and the connection we have witnessed in the ancient times between man and his creator diminishes or disappears. Also a body that is contaminated by unclean food will eventually manifest various mental and physical illnesses.So we need to “Eat clean and Live Clean”

The track was produce by Obadyah at ChaYah Studios and mastered by Dernel “dernz” Green.

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