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Cocoa Tea Best of The Best Greatest Hits mix by djeasy

Cocoa Tea Best of The Best Greatest Hits mix by djeasy

Born in Rocky Point, Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, Cocoa Tea was popular in Jamaica in from 1985, but has become successful worldwide only since the 1990s. One of his most famous songs is “Rikers Island”, which was later put into a dub version by Nardo Ranks entitled “Me No Like Rikers Island” (featured on Dancehall Reggaespanol) which was released the same year as the original “Rikers Island”. He also gained fame with the song “Young Lover”


1. Hot sweet cocoa tea
2. Young lover
3. Africa here I come
4. Ruling cowboy
5. Nah look no work
6. Love me tonight
7. Must get a bly
8. I’m the toughest
9. Return
10. All night Saturday night
11. Come again
12. Who she love – ft home t & shabba ranks
13. Holding on – ft home t & chabba ranks
14. Pirates anthem – ft home t & shabba ranks
15. The going is rough – ft home t & cutty ranks
16. Rip & run off – ft cutty ranks
17. Waiting in vain – ft cutty ranks
18. She loves me now Good life
19. I lost my Sonia
20. Sonia come back
21. Don’t want to live without your love
22. Sweet life
23. Tek weh you gal
24. Lonesome side
25. Hurry up and come
26. Rikers island
27. Grow your locks ft tony rebel
28. Burn satan
29. Kingston hot
30. I’m coming home
31. Love me – ft shabba ranks
32. Come love me
33. We do the killing
34. Every knee shall bow – ft garnett silk ,Charlie chaplin
35. Tune in
36. Holy mount zion
37. Your neck tie man
38. There’s no hope
39. Informer
40. No threat
41. Heathen
42. Israel king
43. Moving on
44. Feel the power

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